Distribution Days

Distribution Days for the 2019-20 school year will be held Tuesday, August 6 through Thursday, August 8.  Please park in the upper parking lot and enter Door #2 (Event Entrance). On these days students will come to school, receive their ID cards, their schedules, and pick up their textbooks. There will be no cashier on duty these days, so all fees will need to be paid prior to Distribution Days. Computers will be available on Distribution Days if families would like to add optional items for the student (yearbook, activity ticket, etc.) 

***All students/parents must complete the student information, fee payment, and Distribution Day steps for the Registration process.

Summer Newsletter 2019


Tuesday, August 6

Seniors (All) & Juniors (A-M)

Time Student's Last Name
11AM - 12PM Seniors (A-G)
12PM - 1PM Seniors (H-M)
1PM - 2PM Seniors (N-Q)
2PM - 3PM Closed
3PM - 4PM Seniors (R-Z)
4PM - 5PM Juniors (A-F)
5PM - 6PM Juniors (G-M)


Wednesday, August 7

Juniors (N-Z) & Sophomores (All)

Time Student's Last Name
11AM - 12PM Juniors (N-R)
12PM - 1PM Juniors (S-Z)
1PM - 2PM Sophomores (A-F)
2PM - 3PM Closed
3PM - 4PM Sophomores (G-M)
4PM - 5PM Sophomores (N-S)
5PM - 6PM Sophomores (T-Z)


Thursday, August 8

Freshmen (All)*

Time Student's Last Name
11AM - 12PM Freshmen (A-D)
12PM - 1PM Freshmen (E-H)
1PM - 2PM Freshmen (I-L)
2PM - 3PM Closed
3PM - 4PM Freshmen (M-P)
4PM - 5PM Freshmen (Q-T)
5PM - 6PM Freshmen (U-Z)


All freshmen must bring the following materials to Distribution Day:

  •  Current physical examination on the school health form, signed by physician (dated within one year of registration). 
  •  Proof of up-to-date immunizations recorded on the school health form and signed by the health provider. All students must be properly immunized against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, rubeola, rubella, and mumps. 

* The school nurse will be present to verify all required health documents. *

Make-up On-site Registration Tuesday, August 13 from 12:15-2:15 p.m.