Prairie Ridge High School offers over 30 clubs and activities to our students.  
Each activity or club has a sponsor to help guide and lead students.
Ninety-one percent of the graduating class of 2018 say they participated in an extracurricular activity.
Prairie Ridge is proud of the students who expand their education beyond the classroom.

Activity/Club Name

Activity Type

Primary Sponsor

Sponsor Email

Secondary Sponsor

Art Club Visual Arts Aaron Cummins --
Bass Fishing  Outdoors Kelly  MacDonald   --
Color Guard Music Val Kundmann --
Computer Club Technology Brian Burger --
Eyes Open Service  Jamie Buck --
Fall Play Drama Darren Dusenske --
French World Language Val Keaty --
Freshman Class Scholastic  Jean Boddy --
German Club World Language Jameson Higgins --
Interact/SOS Service Alia Blumlenin Erik Seyring
International Thespian Society Drama Darren Dusenske  
Intramurals Scholastic Michelle Loeding --
Jazz Music Tim Blakewell --
Junior Class Scholastic Janie Piccolo Krissy Gallagher
Link Crew Scholastic  Kristen Lee Kristen McGowan
Literary Magazine Scholastic Kristen Pham --
Madrigals Music Dave Jensen --
Marching Band Music Tim Blakewell Jeffery Crylen
Math Team Scholastic  Jean Boddy --
Medical Club Scholastic  Erin Palese  
Musical Drama Dave Jensen --
National Honor Society Scholastic Jameson Higgins Jamie Buck
News Team Scholastic   Amy  Bland --
PR-Gay Straight Alliance Service Haley Roeder Vicki Billimack
Robotics Scholastic Brian Burger Michael Hlavacek
Scholastic Bowl Scholastic Erik Seyring Leah Groat
Science Olympiad Scholastic Kristen Glover Lelitha Gasparov
Senior Class Scholastic  Alia Blumlenin  Jamie Buck
Senior Project Scholastic  Jamie Buck --
Sophomore Class Scholastic Krissy Gallagher --
Spanish Club World Language   Kristin Lee --
Speech Team Scholastic Michelle Hartnett

Amy Bland

Spring Play Drama Tim Kennett --
Student Council Scholastic Steve Karlblom Connie Kendall
Theatre Drama Dave Jensen Jake Seiler
WYSE Scholastic Erik Seyring --
Yearbook Scholastic Tim Blakewell --


Connie Kendall 
Activities Co-Director

William Janshego
Activities Co-Director